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Welcome to CMI, Contingency Management International. 

We specialize in custom-built fire suppression systems for various industries including mining/minerals, petroleum, construction, and rural/urban interface homes, ranches, and facilities.  Fires can double in volume and strength every 60 seconds during their early stages - so rapid initial intervention is critical to minimizing damage.  Protecting your personnel, your home, your equipment, or your facility is our livelihood. 

Our systems are tailored to your needs and are turnkey-ready, including integral spill containment, insulation for environments from the Alaskan Arctic to the deserts of the Middle East, heat/air conditioning, rough service and LED overhead lights, utility vehicles, maintenance stations, anything the client may require.  Just deploy them to your site and put them in service. 

In addition to training the end-users on our fire suppression systems (including Train The Trainer classes), we also provide global consultation services including:
  • Jobsite Safety
  • Security
  • Health and Employee Medical Programs
  • OSHA Compliance and Related Issues
  • Injury Case Management and Training
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Industry Best Practices Guidance

For more information please contact us 24 Hours at the phone numbers listed, or use our contact form link above.

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